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The new 5X series, leader of sand making machines

The new 5X series, leader of sand making machines

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With the rapid pace of economic construction over the developing countries, the construction market has always been keeping heat. So the request for finished sand is being ordered more and more. Moreover, the quality of sand is also regarded as the critical factor to decide whether it can be used for some large-scale projects. Under this situations, the conventional sand making machines have never been used to make some aggregrates with high quality which the projects need. What is worse? The conventional machines behaves badly on the durability and the components can be damaged more easily.

Recent years, many manufacturers over the world have focused on the subject that how to improve the final shape and the capacity, how to reduce the machines’ loss during operation and extend the using ages of some spare parts as well as that how to further improve the production efficiency.

Kefid machinery(Shanghai) CO.,LTD is absolutely a leading Chinese manufacturer & exporter on mining equipments. Based on the PCL sand making machines and VSI sand making machines, our experts gather the group wisdoms and absorb the world advanced technology to make the newest sand making machine which can be called 5X vertical shaft impact crusher. Because of its superior functions, the new 5X sand making machine has almost been irreplaceable during the medium-fine crushing operations. When you want to make some rocks into aggregrates, the 5X series is absolutely the most reliable and efficient. It is no wonder that the 5X has been the leader of sand making machines.

Instead of the domestic traditional manganese steel and casting alloy, the alloy with high quality is adopted as the core wear resistant materials to make 5X sand making machine. So the wear resistant and crushing capacity are improved greatly. Besides, the hammer with combined type will just need to replace where the hammer wears. The design can save cost over 30%. Practice has proved that the 5X machines can increase average life more five times than the conventional ones.

The 5X sand making machines are adaptable to crush or shape all kinds of materials, it has been widely used on mining, cement,refractory,mechanism sand, metallurgy,chemistry,etc.

Once launched, the 5X machines got a very excellent share. Its more stable and reliable performance has been capturing the clients’ hearts over the world. What is good news? Combined with the trailer, the 5X sand making machine can also be designed to be mobile crushing machine with more convenience and more performance.

As a well-known brand in the Coal Crushing & Screening plant, Construction Waste Crusher and Gold Crusher of mining machinery industry, KEFID Machinery has over 100 successful production cases all over the world. Welcome to get further contact with our engineers. If you are interested, email me directly at We’ll respond within 24 hours.

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